Don't just think outside the box - build a new one!

Team Escape

With 30 years’ experience of importing and distributing audio products, we are now ready to fulfill our newest ambition: developing our own products with a strong story and commercializing them all over the world.

There is nothing we love more than being able to develop products that we want to own ourselves. It’s the purest expression of who we are.

When using a portable speaker, people expect to give up on some of the sound quality. Loose a bit of sound, but gain a lot of comfort, it’s a generally accepted compromise. However, this is not the case for Escape products: by using high quality materials and applying our technical expertise, we can fully maximize sound quality and user comfort, thus ensuring that you, as our client, can escape from the daily clutter by letting yourself get carried away on the sound of our unique P9-speaker. And this at the location of your choice, without the restriction of having to use wires!

Thank you for your confidence in us and we wish you lots of listening pleasure!

The Escape Team