Don't just think outside the box - build a new one!

Team Escape

With 30 years experience of importing and distributing audio products, we at Escape® are ready to fulfill our new ambition: to develop high quality products with a strong story and to market them worldwide.

There is nothing we love more than designing products we would like to own ourselves. It' s the purest way to express who we are.

When using a portable speaker, we expect to lose some sound quality. Lose in quality, but get lots of comfort in return. This is a compromise that is widely accepted. Not so with Escape®, by using high quality materials together with our technical expertise, sound quality and user comfort are optimally combined.

This way you can escape from the daily routine by letting yourself drift away to the sounds of a unique Escape® speaker. And this without being bound to the use of cables!

Thanks for your trust and enjoy listening!

The Escape® Team